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Wiki RES 2M

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Art.nr: wiki2m
Vennligst velg
Span 2.000 mm
Weight 420 g
Length 1.120 mm
Rudders YES
Elevators YES
Airfoil HP-RES 36-38
Maat 1 F3K - RC Glider.eu - Gliders / Házedla F3K RVS F5J RES - Accessories / Přísluenství

The model was developed in collaboration and consultation with several top pilots and aerodynamicists.

It is undoubtedly the ultimate model.

WiKi draws on all the experience from four years of development, production and operation of the first model called KIWI, important customer references and the knowledge of competition and recreational pilots from all over the world.

Not to be overlooked is the geodesic wing design, which ensures maximum rigidity. This contributes, among other things, to a higher lift height and neutral behaviour in turbulent and highly thermal air. The model can be built lighter for the same strength/stiffness.

The fuselage has a minimalist cross section for the least possible frontal drag.

Optimized ear planform reduces induced drag. New profiles inspired by the latest F5J category profiles manufactured with FullCore technology and then modified for RES building capabilities. The emphasis was on increasing the penetration, this inevitably had to reduce the maximum thickness of the profile and its deflection. The airfoil also produces less lift and so the weight of the airframe had to be reduced. Due to the now fully exploited potential of conventional construction, a unique and previously unused geodetic rib design was decided upon. This method increases the required wing stiffness by an order of magnitude. The result is a lighter airframe with greater stiffness, a thinner airfoil for high penetration, and a shallower wing depth for reduced drag. Less wing lift and the required low weight for the opposite of high lift after takeoff. The distribution of the profiles along the wing's semi-span ensures maximum glideability even at very low flying weight and stability when circling without the need for major control inputs.

Already the first comparative tests showed that the new model can keep up with the Kiwi in dead air thanks to its lower weight despite the smaller area. In active air, however, it is even better and more versatile thanks to its greater penetration.

The two separate spoilers do not affect the model's handling even at low speeds. Landing on point is therefore precise and there is no need for wild elevator corrections.

Circling is stable and without trying to tighten, rudder response is immediate but adequate, the model can fly over a wide range of attitude and center of gravity angles, making it very versatile.

Balast box is in wing, totaly weight of ballast is 130g. Ballast sets (steel and hard wood) with practical plywood box and electrofuselage will be available in separate kit.

Accessories contained in package

all balsa and plywood parts
drawing 1:1
adjustable hook
servo frames
carbon boom
steel joiner with alu tube
cable and connectors
and many others...


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