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Arrma rc bil - RC Zone, ledende leverandør av radiostyrt hobby

ARRMA er en ledende amerikansk produsent av rc biler.

ARRMA is a brand that defines high-speed super-tough RC action.

With a wide range of exciting vehicles that provide the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy dirt-blasting RC driving, learn new skills, and inspire others to share your passion for the pulse racing world of ARRMA, your journey starts here.

Whether you are new to the hobby of Radio Control, or a seasoned RC fan, ARRMA can offer you exactly what you need to take on new challenges, and set yourself the goal of becoming an ARRMA RC king.

Designed from the ground-up by experts who understand the importance of strength, speed and incredible value, ARRMA vehicles are ‘Designed to be Fast, Designed to be Tough’.

Spanning a range of high-quality and stylish Trucks, Buggies, and powerful all-terrain vehicles, ARRMA will put you straight into the action, with Ready-to-Run packages that allow you to hit the dirt now.

If you are searching for the ultimate RC experience that will transform the way you choose to have fun, welcome to the world of ARRMA.


Populært i Arrma

Bilde av AR 310784 Wheel Axle 4x4 2-pk
Bilde av AR 310789 Slipper Hub
Bilde av AR 310793 Slipper Spring
Bilde av AR 320404 MT Body Mount Set 4x4
Bilde av AR 330442 C-Hubs 4x4 2-pk
Bilde av AR 330467 Rear Hub 4x4 2-pk
Bilde av AR 330468 Hinge Pin 3x31mm 4x4 2-pk
Bilde av AR 330469 Steering Block 4x4 2-pk
Bilde av AR 330470 Rod End Set 4x4
Bilde av AR 330540 Rear Suspension Arms 2-pk
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