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TRX-4/6 Ring- & Piniondrev Differential Overdrive 12/33T

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Traxxas 8287 - TRX-4 Machined Overdrive Ring & Pinion Gear (12/33T)

The Traxxas TRX-4 Machined Overdrive Ring & Pinion Gear is a heavy duty gear upgrade for your TRX-4 build. This ring and pinion gear set is overdriven compared to the stock gear ratio, meaning it will provide increased wheelspeed. This gear is more durable than the stock parts and is better suited to high power ESC/Motor systems. Package includes one 33T ring gear and one 12T pinion gear.

A popular tuning option is to overdrive the front axle, and underdrive the rear axle. This can be achieved using a variety of gear combinations. You can run standard in the front, and underdrive in the rear, overdrive in the front and standard in the rear - or for the most dramatic impact, run overdrive in the front and underdrive in the rear.

Machined Gear Options:

  • Underdrive: 428288
  • Standard: 428279R
  • Overdrive: 428287