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Topmodel Long Shot 4 DLG

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Contest grade DLG (Discus Launch Glider) for the FAI class F3K.

The wing and tail are made of foam core, double layer glass covered. The two layers  of the glass skin serve for the high rigidity and long term non-warping of the parts.
The wing spar is made of two unidirectional carbon strips.

New features and improvements over the former types:

  • Carbon/Kevlar fuselage pod
  • Reinforced boom, rigidity increased of cca 50%
  • Longer pod to compensate the boom weight
  • Optimized tail planes - larger fin for better stabilization
  • The aileron servos were placed close to the model axis to decrease the inertia momentum of the model to damp better the model rotation after the release 
  • Micro pushrods tailplane control allow for precise control and allow simple dismateling of the horizontal stab for easy transport of the model.


Technical specification:


1490 mm


1130 mm

Wing airfoil

AG xx set (Prof. Mark Drela)

RFT weight

from 290 grams

Power unit



4 servos: rudder, elevator, ailerons (+ brakes and flaps)

Degree of prefabrication