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S.BUS/PPM->PWM Converter CH5-8

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S.BUS/PPM->PWM Converter CH5-8

Product description and features

The S.BUS/PPM->PWM Converter can control up to four servo channels at one S.BUS / PPM output of a receiver.

This is ideal if in a model with a very slim fuselage the actually needed receiver would not fit due to its size and the slots of a next smaller receiver should be extended.

The S.BUS/PPM->PWM Converter is suitable for receivers that can output a S.BUS or PPM (negativ) signal (for example, all JETI REX receivers). The input signal is automatically detected and converted to PWM (servo signal). Depending on the version, the servo signal is output with the control channels CH1-CH4 or CH5-CH8.

If an assignment of the servo channels of the model is required, this takes place in the menu of the transmitter used.

For the connection of the S.BUS/PPM->PWM Converter to the receiver we recommend the high quality Premium² patch cable. This can be found under the tab "Accessories" in different lengths.

Important notes

  • Due to its compact and lightweight design, the S.BUS / PPM-> PWM Converter is only approved for servos up to 1.5 amps per output.
  • Powerservos and main control functions with high current consumption must not be operated on the converter.
  • Do not operate at the CentralBox 200 and 400 (or their connected receivers), the outputs of this CentralBox 200/400 are not designed to supply multiple servos.
  • At the CentralBox 210/220 observe the maximum current load of the outpin "E2/15". Only operate "secondary functions".

Delivery contents

S.BUS/PPM->PWM Converter CH5-8, short manual, sticker set