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Ro-Power Ultra Maxamp 3S 850mAh

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Robbe Modellsport RO-POWER ULTRA MAXAMP 850MAH 11,1 VOLT

The new Robbe Ro-Power ULTRA HP and MAXAMP are selected high-performance cells with a novel chemical structure. They have a very low internal resistance and maintain their voltage even under high loads. It goes without saying that the packs are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are manufactured to the highest standards and carefully selected best components.

Thus we can also guarantee a very high cycle stability. The discharge currents (C-rates) are deliberately kept very conservative and can therefore be removed permanently.

The ULTRA HP series is made with 25(50)C for all standard requirements in the entire RC range.

The MAXAMP series has an even higher load capacity of 35(70)C and is used in the high performance range, where higher currents and voltage stability under load are required.

The relatively low weight is another advantage of the Robbe Ro-Power ULTRA series.

Technical data

Capacity (mAh): 850
Voltage (V): 11,1
Weight (g): 68
Type: Lipoly
Width (mm): 73
Form: 3S
Thickness (mm): 25
Discharge current (C): 35(70)
Height (mm): 18
Connection: XT-30
Balancer plug: XH
Weight category (g): 50 bis 100