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JMS-TDX-MSW Expansion module for DC/DS transmitters

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DUPLEX 2.4EX MSW expansion module for DC/DS transmitters

Product description and features

The DUPLEX 2.4EX MSW expansion module allows the connection of up to six other buttons/switches, such as stick switches. This expansion module is designed for all JETI Duplex DC / DS transmitters.

  • Up to six connection options for additional switches. push buttons or potentiometers.
  • The MSW expansion module is installed directly on the motherboard and its output is connected to the internal PPM connector.
  • In the transmitter configuration, the internal PPM port on e. g. Program PPM8, it must not be in the off position (Main menu / System / Configuration / PPM config. Settings).
  • suitable for DS-12, DS / DC-14, DS / DC-16 (also II) and DS / DC-24 (DS/DC-14 to 24 only needed if more than two additional switches are mounted).

Delivery contents

1 DUPLEX 2.4EX MSW expansion module for DC/DS transmitters

Please Note

The MSW expansion module currently can not operate in parallel with the operation of the DS-12 as a teacher transmitter (PPM cable connection to the student transmitter). The necessary SW adaptation in the DS-12 will be done with one of the upcoming updates.