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Master Senstrol 120A Opto

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Master Senstrol 120A Opto

Product description and features

Sine commutated F3A speed controller of the latest generation

Thanks to the new speed mode, the speed of the motor is provided by means of the throttle stick.
The speed remains constant for both upward passages, as well as in downward passages. Adjusting the "brake" is no longer necessary. This allows finally the long demanded desired, especially in F3A aerobatics, the braking effect of the engine at any time and be able to regulate very precisely.

The HACKER MASTER Senstrol speed controllers have been specially developed for our Q80, C50 and C54 motors. The status of the motor is constantly monitored by special sensors in the motor. An over-load of the motor is no longer possible.

To ensure 100 % compatibility of the motor-controller combination, the motors are accurately meas-ured from us and the data stored on a chip in the motor. The HACKER MASTER Senstrol speed controller must be connected to this chip for the new operating mode to be used. The ESC's of MasterSenstrol series commutate using a sinusoidal power curve. The motor current is regulated and timed to achieve an optimum torque-per-ampere ratio in the motor. In addition, the sine wave operation offers quieter motor operation and lower heat generation.

The motor identification chip that is built in the motor includes all relevant data for the motor and sends the motor temperature to the ESC. Furthermore, the chip contains certain security parameters for use in your model. Many of these data can be modified to suit individual needs, but some are fixed for safe operation.

Various modes for evaluating the two PWM input signals are set. In addition to the already available throttel channel, a second switching channel can be used. For this, the master controller Senstol has two JR / UNI connection cable to the receiver. The second cable is used to switch between the operating modes:

  • Position '0' = Motor OFF
  • Position '1' = RPM Control
  • Position '2' = Torque Control


  • Phase current max. [A]: 120
  • Voltage [V]: 12 - 50.4
  • Dimensions [mm]: 91 x 70 x 18
  • Weight [g]: 151
  • Programming: with JETI Box