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Kavan Shrinking Dope Standard 250ml


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Art.nr: KAV56.9986A
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KAV56.9986 KAVAN Shrinking Dope STANDARD

Clear shrinking dope for covering tissues and fabrics; model hobby fuel (glow fuel and petrol/gasoline) proof. For brush-on, paint roller or spray application.

Use: Stir well before use. Use the KAVAN Thinner Standard as necessary; apply using a soft flat brush (preferred), paint roller or spray gun. Apply 2-5 coats; leave each coat dry at least 24 hours and lightly sand with a fine sandpaper No. 600-1000. When applied to an IC powered model it does not require additional fuel proofing; however, one or two layers of the elastic polyurethane KAV56.9990 KAVAN Top Coat POLY will make the surface of your plane much more scratch and shock resistant.

Removing an excessive uncured dope : A soft cloth or paper towel wetted with KAVAN Thinner STANDARD.

Thinning the dope: The dope is supplied concentrated; you can dilute it with KAVAN Thinner STANDARD in any ratio necessary to achieve the optimal application consistency.

Mixing the dope: The dope could be mixed with KAVAN COLOR line shrinking dopes in any ratio. Considering the different composition we cannot recommend mixing with the KAVAN CLASSIC line dopes and thinners.

Suitable for: Model hobby covering tissues and fabrics (Vlies, etc.), industrial covering fabrics.

Unsuitable for: Materials not resistant to organic solvents (STYROFOAM, etc.).

Model weight increase: 10 ml of the undiluted dope adds about 1.5 g to the weight of your model.

Storage: Keep stored in a tightly sealed container in a cold, dry and dark location (recommended storage temperature range 15°C to 25°C). Do not expose temperature under 5°C; protect from freezing.

Shelf life: Stored under these conditions, a one-year shelf life can be expected.

The product contains substances classified as dangerous in the regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. See detailed info at the "Downloads" section.


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