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Kavan Alpha 1500V2 ARF Blue


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Art.nr: KAV02.8075
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The new ALPHA 1500 V2 keeps the beautiful curves of the original Alpha 1500 - yet she is a completely new model with different dimensions, new wing section and finest accessories. New moulds and advanced EPO foam moulding technologies incorporated ensure all parts are much finer and precise. The two-piece wing as well as the empennage is simply fastened to the fuselage with bolts resulting in model that is easy to carry and store. Much more powerful brushless motor with 30 A ESC and 3S LiPo instead the original 2S pack offer enough power not just for regular motor glider flying but also for a good deal of aerobatic stunts. Your ALPHA 1500 V2 will “grow up“ along with you and your improving pilot skills; whilst an experienced pilot will find her a lot of fun from the first minute!

ALPHA 1500V2 is an elegant motor glider powered by a brushless motor featuring aileron, elevator and rudder control. Rugged, yet light, airframe made of virtually unbreakable EPO foam makes her crash-proof - or at least easy to repair if something really serious happened. Lightweight LiPo flight pack offers a lot of energy; you can use any at least 4-channel RC set to control the model. ALPHA 1500V2 is simply here to give you as trouble-free flight experience as possible.

The EPO foam fuselage comes with the C2217-1200 brushless motor, KAVAN R-30B ESC and elevator and rudder servos installed. The detachable canopy is secured with a magnetic lock. The 8.5x6” folding propeller uses standard 8x6” blades (the increased overall diameter is due to a longer yoke used). The cooling air intakes on both sides of the nose keep the motor, ESC and flight battery nice and cool; the air outlet is located on the bottom of the fuselage. The two-piece EPO wing is supplied with two aileron servos and their linkage installed. The EPO empennage is detachable, secured with two bolts. The elevator and rudder is controlled by a pair of wire push rods.

Preparing for the first flight is a breeze: attach and secure the horizontal and vertical tailplane with two bolts, join the wing haves and secure with two bolts, connect the servos and ESC to your receiver, connect your flight pack - that’s all folks!

You will need at least 4-channel RC set to control your ALPHA 1500 V2. Using a computer radio featuring some advanced set-up options and mixes is always an advantage; you can have an independent control of both aileron servos allowing for aileron differential and airbrake mixing. Dual rates or exponentials can make the model control much easier as well.

You will need 11.1 V 1000-1300 mAh LiPo flight pack (at least 20C) to fly your ALPHA 1500 V2.

ALPHA 1500 V2 is suitable for beginners (under the guidance of a skilled pilot, do not try to start all alone, please!) - as well as any Sunday flyer or everybody who just wants to have some fun. The default set-up makes her a gently and docile model offering a good way how to learn and improve your flying skills step by step. You will learn the correct and timely way of the stick handling, coordinated turns using ailerons, elevator and rudder simultaneously...everything you will need with your next model - a large glider, an aerobatic plane, a (semi)scale model. The linkage design as well the transmitter with PC or Android/iOS application setting option make the adjustment easy: a beginner can start with small and safe servo throws, whilst an experienced pilot may go for large servo throws and aerobatic stunts. Loops, barrel rolls, stall turns are easy with your ALPHA 1500 V2 thanks to the powerful motor. The motor makes the thermal hunting easy as well, gaining a nice altitude takes just a moment - now you can just relax and soar!

The ARTF set contents: EPO fuselage with the brushless motor, KAVAN 30A ESC, 8.5x6" folding propeller and 2 KAVAN GO-09 servos installed, EPO wing with 2 KAVAN GO-09 servos and LED lights installed, EPO horizontal and vertical tailplane, steel wing joiner, and instruction manual.


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