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Häcker TopFuel LiPo 50C Power-X 450mAh 3S XT-60

Häcker motor GmbH

På lager: 3
Art.nr: 90450361
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TF Power-X 450-3S

Product description and features

The Power-X cells are the powerhouses of our battery range. They offer the highest voltage level constantly even at a continuous load of 50C over the entire battery capacity.

The battery is ready-made soldered with the XT60 connector system and the first choice when maximum power is needed over a longer period of time.

This robust cell is perfectly suitable for smal glider, acrobatic-planes and race models.


  • XT60 connector with gold contacts, suitable up to 60 amps permanent current.
  • XH balancer connector

Optimized ex works

The special manufacturing process, where the batteries are pressed during filling, makes these cells up to 10 percent thinner and more robust than comparable cells with the same capacity and ampacity.

Battery type LiPo
Cells 3S
Nominal voltage [V] 11,1
Capacity [mAh] 450
C rate 50C
Balancer connector XH
Dimensions and Weight
Length [mm] 64
Width [mm] 16,5
Height [mm] 19
Weight [g] 50


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