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**MZ-18 Nå tilgjengelig**



  • HoTT (HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION) bi-directional 2.4GHz technology
  • 75 jump frequencies for safe transmission
  • 9 channels
  • 3.5" TFT colour touch display for easy operation
  • Intelligent speech output of telemetry data, warnings, alarms and Vario signal via loudspeakers or headphones
  • Real-time data transmission with optional sensors (Vario, GPS, fuel, temperature, voltage, current, speed and much more)
  • Teacher/student system wireless or wired
  • Binding of several receivers possible
  • Ball bearing billet units (total 8 units)
  • µSD card slot for model memory expansion and telemetry data recording
  • 30 model memories
  • Model copy function
  • Updateable via USB
  • Model type: helicopter, flight model (normal or delta), glider model
  • Numerous servo settings (travel, limit, reverse, center position)
  • DualRate and Expo, separately adjustable for each flight phase
  • 6 flight phases
  • Helicopter type: 1 servo, 2 servo 180°, 3 servo 120° (2 pitch or 2 roll), 3 servo 140°, 4 servo 90°
  • Pitch curves (7 points) separately adjustable for each flight phase
  • Gas curves (7 points) separately adjustable for each flight phase
  • Phase trims for pitch and gas
  • Swash plate limiter function
  • Swash plate mixing function
  • 5 Linear mixer
  • 3 curve mixer
  • Numerous model aircraft types from 1QR to 4-flap surfaces
  • Elevator: 1 HR, 2HR, V-tail
  • Snaproll function
  • Aileron differentiation, separately adjustable for each flight phase
  • Butterfly function




  • FHSS, frequency hopping over up to 75 channels
  • Maximum noise immunity through optimized frequency hopping, wide channel spread and antenna diversification
  • Intelligent data transmission with correction function
  • Extremely high range
  • Range test and warning function
  • low-voltage warning
  • Extremely wide receiver operating voltage range from 3.6 V to 8.4 V (functional up to 2.5 V)
  • Numerous fail-safe functions
  • Keylog function to prevent unintentional menu changes


  • Shorter response times adjustable (10ms period time)
  • No additional delays due to module processors. All hopping management is done directly from the 32-bit main processor.
  • Synchronous servo run possible by simultaneous control of the servo outputs in blocks of 4

Pilot feeling:

  • Largely instantaneous control reactions through direct processing
  • Telemetry evaluation in real time
  • Wireless teacher/student function

More characteristics:

  • Simple and extremely fast binding
  • Free channel assignment (channel mapping), transmitter and receiver mixing functions and all servo settings can be easily programmed
  • Binding of any number of receivers for channel expansion (max. 16 channels). The last bound receiver sends the telemetry data.
  • Future-proof due to update capability via USB interface


Technical data

2,4GHz: 9716686
Channel/receiver/2nd receiver: 9/12/0/A

Box contents

- Transmitter MZ-18 HoTT
- 2000mAh NiMH transmitter battery
- transmitter charger
- USB cable, USB PC interface adapter, USB adapter cable,
- transmitter belt
- Manual in English version