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Graupner GR-24 PRO 3xG+3A+Vario HoTT

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Description Receiver GR-24 PRO + 3xG +3A + 3M + Vario HoTT by Gaupner

With the GRAUPNER HoTT 2.4 GHz technology, the receiver has a new hopping telemetry transmission high-frequency section with state-of-the-art components and state-of-the-art software. A hardware antenna diversity always switches to the better antenna signal for reception and always uses the antenna that was last used for reception for transmission. This ensures that the return channel data is transmitted via the better positioned antenna. Without additional sensors, the receiver voltage and temperature, signal strength and vario functions are transmitted.

3-axis gyro + 3-axis acceleration sensors + Vario:

  • Stabilization of the flight model in difficult wind conditions for up to 3 axes
  • Natural flight behaviour due to proportional gyro suppression
  • Very good stabilization for cleanly flown flight figures
  • The 3-axle gyro makes even difficult to master aerobatic models very good-natured and aerobatics is extremely simplified
  • Flight figures can be flown much cleaner
  • Simple setting of the gyro assignment
  • Setting of parameters via HoTT telemetry
  • Height sensor for vario function and height
  • Flybarless system for helicopters (later by update)
  • I2C interface for future function extensions
  • ATTENTION: Graupner /SJ recommends security update!
  • Graupner/SJ pilots have tested the GR-24 PRO receiver with gyro intensively and under extreme situations. To improve the functional safety Graupner/SJ recommends as a precautionary measure the execution of the security update for the article 33583 receiver GR-24 PRO with Gyro.
  • The security update contains the following optimizations:
  • Theoretical damage to servos, gears or servo components, even under the most unfavourable conditions, is avoided by limiting servo travel in the receiver.
  • Under difficult reception conditions and additional extreme component tolerances, reception reliability is further improved.
  • The gyro effect is switched off in case of signal failure (failsafe over 2 seconds)
  • Failures, if known, have not occurred. Nevertheless, Graupner/SJ recommends the security update. The update compensates for component tolerances.

What do you as owner of a GR-24 PRO with Gyro have to do?

Simply download the update version 1.04 from www.graupner.de in the Service & Support / Update Revision History area. Use the corresponding USB cable to install it on your receiver. For more details and download instructions, please refer to your user manual.


Technical data

Channels: 12
L/W/H (mm): 46/31/14
Weight (g): 18

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