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Graupner Brushless Controll T 100 Bec G6 2-6S

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Description "GRAUPNER BRUSHLESS ESC + T 100 BEC G6 2-6S"

"Brushless Control+" programmable from the Hott transmitter.....

speed controller for brushless motors with internal HoTT telemetry functions:


  • Opto Coupler
  • Easy programming of the transmitter paths
  • Graupner HoTT-Telemetry for easy programming of the controller
  • Graupner HoTT telemetry data and warnings for voltage, current, temperature, speed and capacity
  • Programming and telemetry options:
  • Battery type NiCd/NiMH/LiIo/LiPo/LiFe
  • Down control voltage
  • control type soft/hard
  • direction of rotation
  • Motor Timing
  • startup time
  • start torque
  • Brake on/off
  • Reverse mode for boot/auto on/off
  • RPM control mode for helicopter on/off
  • adjustment velocity in speed control mode
  • number of poles of the motor
  • gear reduction

telemetry warnings:

  • Undervoltage limit
  • maximum current
  • minimum speed
  • max. Temperature
  • max. Capacity

telemetry display:

  • current voltage
  • current and maximum current
  • current and maximum speed
  • current and maximum temperature
  • capacity


Technical data

BEC: 5-8V/3A
Cells: 6-18NiXX/2-6 Lipo
Cont A: 100
Dimensions (mm): 55/30/10
Material: CFK
Max A: 110
Type: Brushless