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Falcon CFRP 17x13"

Häcker motor GmbH

På lager: 1
Art.nr: 20170130
Vennligst velg

FALCON CFRP folding propeller 17x13

Product description and features

These folding propellers have been specially developed for high-performance competition flight, but of course fit anyone looking for a light and powerful folding propeller.

The very thin and carefully optimized propeller profile as well as the CAD-supported production guarantee a very high accuracy and excellent efficiency. This combination ensures maximum power throughput with low power consumption of the electric motor. All blades are made exclusively of carbon fiber, which has proven itself in our propellers for many years. It gives the blades a very high torsional stiffness with very low weight.

All folding propellers are also available in white color, for an unobtrusive drive in your scale glider.

Application proposal

Hi-end folding propeller for scale sports and aerobatics gliders, as well as functional gliders in the F3J, F3B, F5B range.


  • Size 17x13
  • Leaf root 8mm
  • Mounting hole 3mm
  • Full CFRP
Luftschraube Maximal Drehzahl
C2F   9 Zoll 16000rpm
C2F 10 Zoll 16000rpm
C2F 11 Zoll 13000rpm
C2F 12 Zoll 13000rpm
C2F 13 Zoll 12000rpm
C2F 14 Zoll 10000rpm
C2F 15 Zoll 10000rpm
C2F 16 Zoll   8000rpm
C2F 17 Zoll   8000rpm
C2F 18 Zoll   8000rpm
C2F 19 Zoll   7000rpm
C2F 20 Zoll   7000rpm
C2F 21 Zoll   7000rpm
C2F 22 Zoll   6500rpm
C2F 23 Zoll   6500rpm


scope of delivery

2 CFRP folding propeller blades in 17x13


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