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D-Power E-Ternity2 V200 Full GRP ARF+

D-Power Modellbau

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Art.nr: DPETV200V2
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D-Power E-TERNITY² V200 - 200cm Electric Glider Full GRP ARF+

In 2018, D-Power launched its first fully GRP gliders with the E-TERNITY series. After the great success, the successor series is now coming: E-TERNITY² - now in the ARF+ equipment with a significantly higher degree of prefabrication. In addition, the E-TERNITY² now comes in a new, uniform, stylish color design.

All-rounder flight characteristics The E-TERNITY² V200 has excellent all-rounder properties thanks to its aerodynamic design and modified wing profile. The V-tail gives the electric glider maximum stability and neutral flight behavior. The model can be manoeuvred stably through all common aerobatic figures and also cuts a very good figure in thermals. With the flaps hinged from above, the E-TERNITY² can also fly very slowly and land safely.

High-quality construction The E-TERNITY² V200 is made of a GRP fuselage painted in the mold. The wings and the V-tails are also made entirely of GRP. In addition, components with a particularly high load are reinforced with carbon. The built-in MULTIlock® wing lock gives the wings additional support and thanks to the built-in MPX high-current connectors, the wings can be quickly dismantled.

High ARF+ degree of prefabrication Spend minimum time in the craft cellar and maximum time on the airfield. The ARF+ degree of prefabrication takes the most time-consuming work off your hands. This is because all cable layers are completely laid, so that electronic components only have to be connected to the finished cable harness and accordingly to the receiver. In addition, all rudder horns are fully installed, the GRP motor frame for geared motors is resined and the battery board and servo holder are factory-installed. The construction is therefore almost limited to the installation of the electronics you prefer.

Features • Electric glider with great all-rounder flight characteristics • With V-tail unit and flaps hinged from above • Completely manufactured in high-quality GRP shell construction • CFRP reinforcements in the fuselage and wings • Solid carbon wing rod • Modified RG14 airfoil • GRP hull painted in the shape • GRP surfaces painted in the shape with a modern design • Cabin canopy made of GRP • Good recognizability thanks to high-contrast block stripes on the underside of the surfaces • Short construction time thanks to high ARF+ degree of prefabrication

Features ARF+ • Wiring harness pre-installed and integrated • Resin-coated GRP motor frame for geared motors • Ready-to-use servo frames • MULTIlock® wing locking system installed • MPX® high-current connector installed in fuselage and wings • Pre-turned carbon fiber poles, all rudder horns fully installed • laser-cut battery board pre-installed in the fuselage • Richly illustrated, German-language building instructions

Technical data • Wingspan: 2000mm • Hull length: 1270 mm • Flying weight: 1740g (without battery) • Airfoil: RG14 mod. • Wing capacity: 37.3 dm²


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