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Batteri mont.brett for LiIon batteri m/JR-kontakt

Häcker motor GmbH

På lager: 1
Art.nr: A43020
Vennligst velg

Battery mounting PCB 2S Long

Product description and features

Battery mounting PCB for self finishing e. g. lithium ion batteries. The batteries can be connected in series behind one another.

In 2S configuration this batteries are perfectly suitable for receiver current supply.


Suitable for LiIon single cells of 18650 size*, see Accessories.

Delivery contents

1 Battery mounting PCB Long, 1 shrinking hose, 2 contact insulations and 2 vibration dampeners.

Importang hint: Especially when used inside engine driven airplanes where stronger vibrations are possible the LiIon batteries should be mounted vibration-damped. Therefor e. g. the M3 vibration dampener set incl. screws for LiIon battery PCBs (item no. A86215) can be used (see section Accessories.)

Information: Soldering should be done with a 100 watts soldering bolt with wide soldering tip within a few seconds.

*Hint: Battery mounting PCB not suitable for LiIon batteries of 20700 size (e. g. item no: A43055).


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