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Aero-naut Helios

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Helios is a stylish light wind sailor with a conventional wooden construction. The only deviation from this principle is the fuselage tube made of carbon. With its compact dimensions and the two-part wing, the model can be easily transported and assembled on the airfield in no time at all. The wing is created in the tried and tested aero-naut manner in a slipway, which enables secure positioning of all components and a distortion-free construction. The wing is partially planked and offers - depending on the choice of covering material - interesting visual design options. With the four large flaps, Helios can still be safely controlled even at low speed, the landing flaps are a reliable aid for descent and landing. Thanks to its low weight, the model's energy requirements are low. Batteries with a larger capacity can easily be accommodated in the large fuselage head. Helios is a model for connoisseurs - it starts with the construction of the model with its precisely laser-cut components and ends with a relaxing flight in the evening thermal or in a light wind on the slope. The kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts, a slipway for wings and fuselage, carbon fuselage rod, small parts for articulations, Bowden cables, large decals as plot stickers, 3D construction instructions.

Wingspan [mm]  2.545

Length [mm] 1.275

Weight [g] > 1.100

Wing area [dm²] 37,3

Wing loading [g/dm²] 29.5

RC functions:

elevator, ailerons, rudder, air brakes, motor control



Aero-naut er en velkjent Tysk produsent og leverandør av rc fly og seilfly, samt tilbehør til disse.

Byggesettene kommer i balsa og glassfiber, laserskjærte deler med god kvalitet og tilpassning.


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