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Mezon PRO 85 Opto

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Product Description and Features

- Compact dimensions
- Setting via the device overview of the JETI DC / DS transmitter
- Real-time Telemetry JETI Duplex EX Bus (perfect for JETI DC / DS transmitters)
- Telemetry data: Battery + BEC voltage, battery + BEC current, used battery capacity, RPM, PWM, controller temp
- reset the telemetry data by switch from the transmitter
- Opto Coupler, no BEC, RX Battery required
- Activation of the gas channel from the EX bus is possible, the receiver then does not have to offer its own slot for the gas channel.
- programmable with JETI Box
- Operating modes: Model aircraft, forward / reverse operation Function models
- Proportional brake proportional with definable braking point at the throttle stick
- F3A brake conveniently adjustable via the device overview
- Heat sink for long engine run times
- high efficiency
- Firmware upgrade possible
- wide range of adjustable parameters


technical Data:

Current:  85A

Voltage Range: 5 - 51V

Cell Count: 2-12 Cells LiXX

Dimensions (Height with Cooling Fins x Wide x Lenght): 21x28x85mm

Weight: 81gr.