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JETI Duplex DS-12 Special Edition Carbon Gray Multimode

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Handheld transmitter DS-12 special edition carbon gray multimode

Product description

A handy transmitter, high-quality design with plastic housing, large color display, ball-bearing aluminum sticks and wear-free hall sensors. A low weight, the high-quality execution of the housing and a great ergonomic characterize this transmitter.The front panel is made of high quality carbon and the control buttons made of aluminum. The software can be expanded according to personal preferences and of course JETI here also offers the full telemetry options.

Including JETI Duplex aluminium case and JETI Duplex R5L receiver.


  • Channels: 8 (up to 12 extendable)
  • 2.4GHz RF module: 1
  • 900MHz backup system: Optional
  • Color TFT: 3.5 inches, 320x240 pixels
  • Sticks made of aluminium with hall sensors: Yes
  • Resolution sticks: 4096 steps
  • Internal memory: SD card, 8GB
  • Free mixers: 5 (up to 20 extendable)
  • Timers: 3 (up to 20 extendable)
  • Visible values on display: 10 (up to 40 extendable)
  • Voice output for functions: 5 (up to 20 extendable)
  • Alerts: 10 (up to 40 extendable)
  • Channels for gyro axes: 1 (up to 3 extendable)
  • Flight modes: 3 (up to 6 extendable)
  • Flight mode trimming: Yes
  • DITEX telemetry values: 16
  • Lua extensions: max. 10
  • MP3 player: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes

Optional features

  • Logical switches: 0 (up to 16 extendable)
  • Sequencers: 0 (up to 6 extendable)
  • Accelerometer: Optional
  • Audio player: Optional
  • Telemetry controls: 0 (up to 16 extendable)
  • Vibration alert: Optional
  • Voice output: Optional
  • Servo balancer: Optional
  • Function curves: Optional
  • Throttle limiter: Optional
  • Variometer: Optional

Delivery condition

The transmitter is delivered in steering mode 2, alternative steering modes can be adjusted by yourself.

Delivery contents

1 JETI Duplex handheld transmitter DS-12 Special Edition Carbon Gray Multimode, 1 internal transmitter battery and 1 transmitter power adapter, JETI Duplex aluminum case, JETI Duplex R5L receiver.

Link til Jeti oppgraderingsside: https://swshop.jetimodel.com/