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Aeronaut Roby

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Art.nr: 12-150100
Vennligst velg

A pretty little 25 inch inch wingspan stunter for 1.0 to 1.5cc motors....and its got flaps!

There is a surprising degree of pre-fabrication with most major parts die cut or pre-shaped..construction is a mix of balsa, obechi, ply and hardwoodssome hardware is included but usually in the form of DIY bellcrank, tank and horns etc which have to be made from the basic materials supplied..full size plan with English instructions and some white modelspan type tissue.

Additional items are required to complete model as illustrated: i.e. engine, prop, fuel tank, contol line, handle, lead out connectors, dope, paint

1 - 1.5 cc Diesel engine required.
Wingspan: 630mm - 25"


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